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Mint Mono Threads
a minimally invasive procedure​

Mint mono threads are a collagen induction therapy designed to tighten skin and improve skin texture. 

The threads can be used around jawlines,  necks, the lower face, under the eyes, the chest and the umbillicus.

Mint mono threads are a fine cannula needle containing a Polydioxinon (PDO) thread, or a dissolvable suture.

How do Mint mono threads work?

 The threads are inserted into the skin in a mesh-like fashion for skin tightening effects by improving and stimulating collagen formation around the thread.  

threads photo peg.jpeg

The cannula needle is then removed, leaving the thread in place.  Collagen forms around the threads which will dissolve over the next 3 months, resulting in an improved texture to the treated skin.


Do Mint mono threads work straight away and how long do they last?

Results may be noticed immediately, but maximum results are apparent 2-3 months later. 

The result is a long lasting rejuvenation of the skin, which delays the aging process by 9-12 months.  Individuals will respond to treatments differently.


Common Considerations

Before treatment avoid any medications or supplements that may thin the blood. 

Avoid having any other facial treatments.  Ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten.

After treatment avoid touching or massaging the area.  Ice may be used to decrease any swelling or bruising.  Keep away from all sources of heat.  Avoid sudden facial movements.  Try to sleep face up.

Your nurse will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Pricing Guide:   (Threads are packaged in Sterile pouches of 10)


   1 Pouch                       $150

   2 Pouches                   $250

   Additional Pouch         $100

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