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Medi Peels

Awaken your skin to produce glowing results
Target and correct skin problems 

Medi Peels are an advanced facial treatment prescribed to your skin concerns.

Medi Peels are a chemical compound created with specific botanical ingredients that will exfoliate, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Hormones, stress, environment and change of seasons can affect the condition of your skin,  resulting in breakouts, texture and tone changes or dehydration.

Book yourself in for regular medi peels 4-6 weekly to ensure your skin health is at peak potential. 

Together we can build a programme of medi peels that change with your skin conditions.

Pricing Guide:


Medi Peel                                             $120

Medi Peel & Genesis                           $200

Medi Peel & Blading                            $160

All Medi-Peel and combination treatments include a 15 minute Bioptron session

Packages available. 
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