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Light Therapy System

Over the past couple of decades, physicians and patients alike have welcomed a wealth of changes and improvements in health care.  Medical professionals are relying more on a holistic approach to healthcare, combining traditional medicine with alternative health practices such as indigenous medicines, herbal remedies and light therapy.

Light is an essential part of our natural biological system necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolic and immune systems. 


Most enzymes, hormones and vitamins need light to function properly.  For example, without sunlight our body cannot product Vitamin D which impacts on our bone structure. 

Babies born with jaundice are placed under phototherapy light machines as newborns to resolve this condition.

The Bioptron Quantam Hyper-Light is a medical device with a specific optical unit emitting light which is similar to parts of the electromagnetic spectrum produced naturally by the sun, but with no UV radiation.


When applied to the skin, it stimulates light sensitive intracellular structures and biomolecules.  This initiates cellular chain reactions and triggers secondary responses known as “bio-stimulation”.

This bio-stimulative effect increases the level of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) or cellular energy and metabolism resulting in:-

  • Improvement microcirculation

  • Stimulation of regenerative and reparative processes

  • Promotion of wound healing

  • Relief of pain or decrease in intensity of pain

  • Stimulation of  collagen for skin healing

  • Decrease symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder)


            Free 20 minute trial session

            $150 for 5 sessions

            Discount for seniors

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