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Dermal Fillers​
Minimise or eradicate fine lines
Lift, sculpt and contour the face
Define and hydrate the lips

Dermal Fillers have become the second most popular treatment in appearance medicine.  Dermal fillers are temporary gel products which are injected into specific areas of the face to enhance and restore signs or aging or asymmetry.

As an experienced injector I have extensively studied the process of the aging face in order to understand techniques and products that will achieve the best results.

I love using these techniques and products to either recreate the proportions of my clients younger face, enhance their natural beauty, or improve asymmetry.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal filler is a temporary gel product made from Hyaluronic acid.   Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body, mainly in the joints, eyes, and skin. 

Dermal fillers are a humectant, which means they draw water in, hydrating the skin in the area of injection.

Dermal Filler photo_edited.jpg

Dermal fillers are FDA approved and have been used for many years in cosmetic procedures.  Over the years the research and development of dermal fillers has resulted in a large range of products.  These products differ in their qualities to allow the injector to choose the most appropriate product for area,  to achieve the best results.  

How do dermal fillers work? 

Dermal fillers are injected either with a needle, or a cannula directly under the skin.   The filler is injected at different depths, using different techniques, to achieve specific results.  

The filler will stay in place, either to fill fine lines, provide support and structure, or replace volume and provide hydration.

Do Dermal fillers work straight away and how long do they last?

The effects of the dermal filler is seen immediately, however the product is designed to integrate into the tissues over the next 4 weeks, leaving the work looking entirely natural.

The differing products and areas of placement will last for varying times.

Deep structural filler can last 12-18 months, mid volume filler may last 9-12 months, and superficial fine line filler may last 6-9 months.

Lip filler may last 6-9 months.

Individuals will find these times may differ.


Common Considerations

​Before treatment try to avoid consumption of alcohol or vigorous exercise.  Make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten.

After treatment avoid touching the face, any other facial treatments, sources of heat and vigorous exercise.  Ice may be applied to decrease any swelling or bruising.  Try to sleep face up.  Your nurse will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Dermal Filler treatment options
Upper and mid face

Dermal filler treatment in the upper and mid face can help to provide structure and support to the cheek and mid face area.  This treatment can shape and define cheekbones, and also add volume and curve to the mid cheeks.   A subtle lift to the lower face can also be achieved.

Lower face 

Dermal filler treatment in the lower face can help to provide structure and support to the chin, jawline and peri-oral area.  These treatments are a combination of deep, mid and fine line filler for the ultimate results.   Defining the jawline and chin can decrease the appearance of "jowling".   

"Marionette" areas are decreased with dermal filler and fine lines around the mouth can be filled, smoothing and hydrating the skin.

Lip Fillers

Dermal filler can be placed in the lip border, and directly into the lip body to provide definition, volume and hydration.  Often 2 products will be used to achieve this.  At JLNA our hyaluronic acid fillers look and feel soft and natural.  As with all dermal fillers the result is immediate.  You are in control of how much filler you would like, guided by your nurse.

All of the above treatments are available in tailor made packages to achieve results, and suit both your budget and time frame.

Pricing Guide:

     0.1ml              $105

     0.5ml              $450

     1.0ml              $800

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