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Cutera Light Therapy Treatments
Rejuvenate the skin

At JLNA we provide light therapy treatments from our Cutera Xeo.

We offer a variety of laser and light therapy to treat skin conditions, sun damage and collagen induction.​

IPL for Pigment

Intensed Pulse Light for pigment is a treatment targeting sun damaged, pigmented skin.

The polychromatic lights are drawn to the colour of the pigment, which then converts to heat and shatters the pigment.

IPL treatment is also a thermal collagen induction treatment, stimulating the increase in cell turnover and  production of collagen.

The pigmented areas treated will become very dark over the next 12 hours, then will slough off with the natural desquamation process to either disappear or lighten significantly.

After 3-4 weeks your skin will be plump and radiant.  Fine lines may appear reduced. 

The tone will appear even with the decrease of pigment.  The collagen induction will create a refined complexion.

IPL for Rosacea or Acne

Intensed Pulse Light also targets redness in the skin and can be effective in treating Rosacea symptoms and mild acne pigment and scarring.

The polychromatic lights are drawn to the coloured areas  of the skin and can shut down the fine capillaries that cause the redness.

This IPL treatment is also a thermal collagen induction treatment which stimulates the collagen to thicken and strengthen, improving both the tone and texture of an acneic skin or rosacea symptoms.

Laser Genesis

Laser genesis is a very gentle collagen induction therapy.  Laser Genesis uses a monochromatic light which moves over an area of skin for a specific amount of time.

The warming of the skin increases circulation and cell turnover.  The thermal effect can shut down micro vasculature and decrease pigment.    Over time and a series of treatments the skin is left with an improved tone and texture.  

Laser genesis can be combined with a medi peel for a great pre event treatment.

hand pigment.jpg
IPL photo cropped.jpg
Laser Vascular

Laser vascular treatments target and treat red and purple capillaries and vessels on the nose, cheeks, chin and chest.

The monochromatic light can be adjusted to reach different levels in the skin to target these vessels.   

The colour of the vessels attracts the light which then creates heat to damage and destroy the vessels.  Laser vascular also effectively treats blue vessels around the eyes, spider angiomas, and venous lakes.

Laser Vascular.jpg



Common Considerations

Before treatment avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks.  It is advisable to commence a pigment serum if having treatment for pigmentation.

After treatment continue to avoid sun exposure, and any sources of heat.  Wear an SPF 30 daily.    Avoid using active skincare for a week.

Your nurse will provide you with full aftercare instructions.

Pricing Guide:

IPL Full Face.                          $350

IPL Half Face (Cheeks/Nose).    $150

IPL Hands                               $250

IPL Neck                                 $200

IPL Chest.                               $200

IPL Combination.                    $450

Laser Vascular.                       $150

Laser Genisis (Half face)           $150

Laser Genisis (Scar).                   $  75

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